Credits Lawine Porto


The concept of Lawine consists on a fluid process of sharing art and social ideas, bringing people together, working in a chain of recycling, remaking and rethinking artistic research, thoughts and methods. Lawine is a non-commercial event organized by PISO and supported by friends. This program has been being developed during the last year, relating artists and venues from Berlin, Porto and Valência. We invite all the interested people to visit the festival in Porto and to get in touch with us.

Artistic Direction: Piso Colectivo

Co-production: Piso Colective, Marvelloustone, A Sala

Organization Team: Ana Laranja, António Francisco Queimadela, Carmo Pereira, Catarina Miranda, Filipe Dias de, Helena Menino, Lorenzo Sandoval, Mariana Caló, Pedro Augusto, Pedro Serrano, Sara Pereira, Sofia Lomba, Susana Chioca.

Collaborators: José Cardoso (graphic Design - Lawine poster)

Partners: Marvelloustone (Pt), A Sala (Pt), Aki Tar (De).

Lawine Artists: Alexandre Lemos, Ana Deus, Ana Fernandes, António Francisco Queimadela, Carmo Pereira, Catarina Miranda, Georg Böckler, Guilherme Garrido, Helena Menino, Inês Bartolomeu, João Alves, Jonathan Saldanha, Katheryna Zavoloka, Laetitia Morais, Lorenzo Sandoval, Mariana Caló, Miky Ry, Nuno Pedrosa, Pedro Augusto, Pedro Moura, Pedro Serrano, Sara Pereira, Susana Chioca, Ursula Graw, Wolfgang Mayer.

Special thanks to: all the people that made this event possible.

This project is suported by Youth In Action, Reitoria da Universidade do Porto and GDA.